Life: The Game

Explore the iconic 'Life' cellular automaton devised by mathematician John Conway

John Conway's Game of Life

The Game of Life, invented by mathematician John Conway, is a cellular automaton played on a grid of square cells. The game follows simple rules: a dead cell with three live neighbors becomes alive, a live cell with two or three live neighbors survives, and all other cells die or remain dead. Life patterns exhibit emergent complexity and can form still lifes, oscillators, and gliders. The game has practical applications in studying self-organizing systems, simulating behavior, and exploring mathematical and scientific concepts.

Our iPad App

Investigate the fascinating evolution of seemingly insignificant patterns, as they either blossom into complexity or fade away within a handful of generations!
  • Draw arbitrary patterns and observe how they evolve
  • Explore and combine 80+ popular patterns from an expanding catalog at your leisure
  • Load previously saved worlds to revisit and continue your progress
  • Save your created worlds to easily access and share them with others
  • Export worlds as standard RLE files or images
  • The Randomize feature fills the world with a random seed to simply observe how it evolves
  • Custom cell shapes to style the world according to your taste



Stay tuned as we have some amazing new features in the pipeline for future updates!