Spam Me Not

Batch check suspicious email addresses

The App

Quickly check a list of email addresses for suspicious activity based on scoring provided by the crowdsourced API.
Email addresses repeatedly - and recently - reported for unwanted activity are highlighted and assigned with a score.


The utility is very flexible when it comes to input formats:

Simply paste one or more email addresses separated by white space, tab characters, new lines, comma or semicolons.
Any input not looking like an email address will also be filtered automatically.
Filter the results and copy email addresses from the results list for further processing.
The ideal companion for any system administrator and anybody managing a web site, online forum, or email communications in general.
Spam Me Not - Address entry screen
Spam Me Not - Address entry screen
Spam Me Not - Email analytics view
Spam Me Not - Email analytics view


We are not related to the service.
If you feel an email is wrongly reported as distributing spam you can request a removal at: